About GPS Stock
Unlock your full potential as a shotgun shooter with the GPS Stock from Grip Plus Inc. This innovative product aims to revolutionize the approach to the craft of shooting. Designed to address the needs and challenges faced by shotgun shooters, GPS Stock draws upon extensive expertise and experience. The development of the GPS Stock stems from a deep understanding of the limitations present in existing shotgun stocks, especially for American shooters involved in disciplines such as skeet, trap, sporting clays, and FITASC. The visionary behind this project, Sai Chiang, leveraged his competitive shooter and coach background to create a stock that offers unparalleled comfort, control, and performance tailored explicitly to American shooters. Driven by a determination to enhance shooting experiences, Sai's design has undergone continuous refinement. Using CNC machines, he developed a stock recoil system that reduces pressure on the hands and arms while increasing air volume. Incorporating a thumb hole increases comfort and reduces muzzle jump, while the strategic bolt placement allows for flexible comb adjustments suitable for different shooting disciplines. The GPS Stock provides unmatched shooting comfort by redistributing recoil between the hand, cheek, and shoulder. The GPS Stock's standout feature lies in its exceptional adjustability. Seven standard grip sizes, including half sizes, ensure a comfortable fit for 99% of shooters. For those seeking complete customization, Grip Plus Inc. offers custom-designed grips that can be replicated across various firearms and models. This level of adjustability guarantees consistent comfort, regardless of the shotgun used. Grip Plus Inc.'s commitment to innovation is reflected in the extensive patent portfolio associated with the GPS Stock. With multi...


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