About Us

The GPS shotgun stock was invented by Sai Chiang through years of being a competitive shotgun shooter, and most importantly,  listening closely to what shooters want of their shotgun stocks.  Through years of development, we created an innovative shotgun stock that can custom fit 99.9%  of shooters requirements. Also, our custom hand molded grip design increases​ the comfort and ergonomic control during target acquisition and firing of the shotgun.   


​Our innovative design has been submitted for five US patents, and so far the US Patent Office has ​approved the​ design and has ​awarded Grip Plus Inc with Three US Patents. 


United States Patent US 9,417,032 B1, US 9,671,193 B1, US 8,863,427 B2


We hope you will enjoy your new GPS stock as many shooters have already experienced an​ improvement in their performance and results.