Sai Great experience spent in your company. The money spent with Orvis and other Instructors trying to learn in weeks does not match what you communicated and I absorbed in 1 DAY !!! Zero to 100 baby !!! Gratefully Malachy  

Malachy Kavanagh


15 Apr, 2024

I am writing to share my experience with the GRIP+ Shotgun Stock and its creator, Sai Chiang. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Chiang for the first time in Vernal, Utah, during the Western Grand event in 2023, and then again in Tucson, Arizona, in November of the same year. Over the course of three days, I had the opportunity to attend his sessions, absorbing the wealth of knowledge shared through his responses to customer inquiries. This experience was not only fascinating but also immensely enlightening for me. In anticipation of the Spring Grand event in Tucson, I placed an order for the stock to be delivered in February 2024. Unfortunately, due to a health concern, I was unable to meet Mr. Chang as planned. However, we managed to arrange a meeting in March. Upon installing the stock, we proceeded to the pattern board, and then to the trap line. Mr. Chiang's expertise, derived from his extensive shooting background, alongside his approach to coaching—encouraging adjustments in habits, stance, and grip—proved to be invaluable. It became apparent that his coaching far exceeds the mere purchase of a stock; it's a transformative experience. The stock itself is remarkable, but the instruction and insights provided by Mr. Chiang stand out as the highlight of the GRIP+ experience. As an experienced shooter who has fired over 400,000 ATA targets, I am confident that the adjustments suggested by Mr. Chiang will significantly enhance my class standings in 2024. Sincerely, A Seasoned Wyoming Shooter


Gary Olson


21 Mar, 2024

Testimonial to Grip Plus Inc. Ever since I met Sai from Grip Plus Inc. at the Autumn Grand in Tucson, AZ, in 2022 and purchased the GPS Recoil Plus shotgun stock for my Kolar, my journey in trap shooting has been nothing short of extraordinary. After taking delivery of the stock in January 2023, I embarked on a thousand-mile journey, just as Sai had advised me. He emphasized the importance of taking it one step at a time without skipping any and staying focused on the moment. By the end of May, I had achieved several significant milestones, including winning the Oklahoma state championship as HOA and other major events. I owe a large part of my rapid improvement and the accomplishment of my first milestone, the 1000-mile journey, to the GPS stock from Grip Plus. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Sai for his invaluable help and patience as I embarked on my dream journey. When I first approached the Grip Plus trailer at the shooting event, I was intrigued by the bright yellow print and the name. Inside, I met Sai, a remarkable and knowledgeable individual who turned out to be an accomplished Olympic skeet shooter. His passion for helping people and his dedication to developing a unique shotgun stock for the sport of shooting were evident. After introducing himself, Sai asked about my needs and any questions I had. I explained that while I was a decent shooter, I desired to excel and become even more competitive. I felt like I had hit a wall and couldn't progress further in trap shooting. Surprisingly, Sai confidently assured me he had the solution and could help me. As a skeptical person, I took time to evaluate and verify his claims. After a few days of careful consideration, I contacted Sai again and informed him that I could see the value in his design. I believed that his stock could truly elevate my shooting abilities. With that, I ordered one of Grip Plus’s stocks. The past five months have been nothing short of remarkable. The Grip Plus stock has helped me win championships and state titles and reignited my passion for trap shooting. My skills have surpassed all expectations from when my father introduced me to the sport. The Grip Plus stock has transformed me from an average shooter to a state champion in just a short period. It has opened up possibilities for pursuing the all-American team, the Hall of Fame, and even the Grand Slam. I am so grateful to Sai and his team at Grip Plus for their exceptional product and unwavering support. I have so much faith in their stock that I have joined their sales team. You may spot me proudly sporting Grip Plus clothing and banners as I zip around shooting events on my golf cart. Please feel free to approach me and ask how you can experience the incredible help and transformation I've undergone. Let's see one! Sincerely, David Bacon  

David Bacon


15 Jun, 2023

Sai, I would like to take the time to thank you for all the time you spent with me fitting my new GPS stock. This stock is built like no other the parts of the stock are top quality. The recoil system is second to none while shooting doubles your second shot is not felt and you can recover very fast.

After spending time with you fitting the stock to the gun my scores have gone up and I am hitting the birds harder than before. It is just amazing how you and your stock have improved my shooting.


Bill Reinecke


Bill Reinecke


31 Jan, 2019

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